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Summer Camps

Musica Academy offers a wide variety of camps - 'Cartoon & Video Games Camp', 'Guitar Popular Hits Camp', ' Violin Movie Theme Camp ' and more to explore & expand your child’s creative potential.


2018 Camp options 

2018 Cartoon & Video Games Camp


2018 Guitar Popular Hits Camp  - Every Monday, Wednesday @ 6 - 7 pm (NW) / Every Tuesday, Thursday @ 6 - 8 pm (SW)


2018 Violin Movie Theme Camp - Every Monday, Wednesday @ 6 - 7 (NW) / Every Tuesday, Thursday  @ 6-7 (SW)


Summer Camp Registration Form 


Register online or call Musica Academy today!
403.619.9990 (SW Location) 
403.681.3117 (NW Location) 





“During the musical summer camp, I gained a lot of experience being a leader that I did not have before.  With Ms. Toshi, I was introduced to new voice techniques alongside the children.  I believe that her vocal coaching was very beneficial for the kids who had an interest in singing because she made the learning experience fun.  In addition, I found helping the children to take a lot of energy, but it was enjoyable to see them learn on the keyboard, act, and sing.  Overall, I am glad that I volunteered at the camp as it was a profitable experience.

~ Carla Soriano

"I have been attending Musica Academy for 10 years and it has opened many doors for me. So if you want to learn music, Musica Academy is a good place to learn music."

~ Jacky Wong



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