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Research indicates that children's ears develop most rapidly during the preschool years.


TUNES FOR TWO places emphasis on the enjoyment of music. This music experience helps to nurture the development of coordination skills, language, social interaction, and creativity. 


 Enrolment Schedule - Winter 2019 (Begins 1st week of February) - 10 weeks program
Course Location Day Time
T42 NW Monday 6:00-6:45pm


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Demo poster Aug Sept 2019

Fall 2019 Enrollment Schedule - click here

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403.619.9990 (SW Location) 
403.681.3117 (NW Location) 

Course Format

Lesson Format 8 lessons (summer)
Lesson Length 45 minutes/lesson, once a week
Location NW/ SW 
Parent/Guardian Attendance Required
Year End Concert No
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My daughter attended Tunes for Twos at Musica Academy. She was exposed to various instruments and music education in an age appropriate manner. She looked forward to her weekly class- which says a lot for a 2 year old :). I would highly recommend the class and Musica Academy!

~Siew-ying Tan

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