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Designed to provide music enjoyment in the most positive learning environment!

Yamaha Music programs encourage all students to show their creativity through improvisations and compositions.

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Junior Music Course (JMC)

The Junior Music Course (JMC) is a unique four-year keyboard-based program of weekly group lessons designed to give your child the best beginning possible for the development of necessary music skills.

Primary Course (JMC 1 – 4) – Students of JMC 1 beginners will complete books 1 to 4 of JMC books. Emphasis is placed on ear training and developing a sound rhythmic sense. Extension Course (JXC 1 – 4) - Graduates of the Primary Course advance to the Junior Extension Course (JXC), where the skills are refined with an emphasis on keyboard performance, singing, sight playing, ensemble work, and music composition.

  • This is a parented class.
  • First Year of the Four-Year Junior Music/Extension Course for 4 & 5-year-old beginners
  • A keyboard/piano is required at home for practicing.
  • Students learn basic music concepts and keyboarding skills through Hear-Sing-Play-Read
  • JMC follows the Yamaha Music Curriculum and it is offered internationally in 40 different countries.

Achievement Level

Year 2: complete Fundamental Skill Survey (FSS)
Year 3: complete Yamaha Grade 10 Exam
Year 4: complete Yamaha Grade 9 Exam

Enrolment Schedule - Fall 2024


 Course  Location  Day  Time
 JMC Book 1  NW  Wednesday  5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
 JMC Book 1  NW  Thursday  5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
 JMC Book 1  NW  Saturday  9:45 am - 10:30 am
 JMC Book 1  NW  Sunday  1:00 pm - 1:45 pm



Course Format

Lesson Format 36 lessons Full Year (Fall) / 18 Lessons (Winter)
Lesson Length 45 - 55 minutes/lesson, once a week
Maximum Class Size 8-10
Parent/Guardian Attendance Required (first 2 years or until primary course level is finished)
Year-End Concert Yes
Advance to Junior Advanced Course 1 at the end of Year 4

This is an In-person Class. Face coverings are recommended for all classes. Should In-person Classes shut down due to AHS's recommendation for Covid-19, all classes will continue online.

Music Lesson Registration

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2024-2025 School Calendar and Policy

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"Our son has been going to Piano classes at Musica Academy for over 4 years and we are amazed at the level of musical ability he developed over these years. Musica Academy also provides performance opportunities for kids through Annual concerts and other events."

~ Aravind K

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