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It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn love

Rhythm and musicianship skills are best learned in a group where students are motivated by their peers and have access to a full range of touch sensitive keys to developing artistic ability.

FAQ - Registration & School Policy

Frequently Asked Questions:


(A) If I pay the registration fee prior to the start of fall and my child decides they do not want to continue, will I get it refunded?

You can be refunded your $55.00 registration and concert fee before September 1st/fall semester or January 30th/ winter semester. Registration fee is not refundable after September 1st (Fall semester) or January 30th (Winter semester).

(B) Can I only sign up for one semester of group lessons?

Group lessons are generally for a full Sept-June School year. Only Music Wonderland is offered per semester option. For our winter semester, you can register for Feb-Jun. Please check with admin before registration for clarity.

(C) What is the withdrawal policy? Do we get a refund?

Yes, however, 4 classes’ notice is required for withdrawal of all Musica Academy Programs. Withdrawal forms must be filled out and submitted before December 1st for the “36-lesson” class, or March 1st for January registration. Past these dates, we cannot issue any refunds. Students will not be eligible for refunds for withdrawals of 10-lesson classes.

(D) Do you offer free interviews with potential teachers or do we have to pay?

Yes, we offer a free 15-20 mins interview for private lessons and free demo classes for our group courses.

(E) If we miss one of our group classes, can we do a free makeup lesson?

Due to the nature of group classes, there are no makeup lessons available. However, homework assignments or other arrangements can be given if there is enough notice period. If the teacher cancels classes, he/she will arrange for make-up dates.

(F) What can I do if my child misses several (group) lessons and is falling behind?

Our coaching programs provide practice sessions that will help the students catch up to the class. Our coaches are advanced students that can provide guidance but charge at a lower rate than regular teachers. Most students that took advantage of the coaching program have more confidence and assurance in class.

(G) Do you guys sell pianos and if not where can we buy them?

Yes, you can order certain models of keyboards and digital pianos through our school. Please ask the administration for details.

(H) What are the Yamaha grade exams and should my child be taking them?

Yamaha Grade Exams are internationally recognized examination systems. Please go to Yamaha Exams for more info.

Student grades:
  • YGE (13 – 11)
  • YGE 10
  • YGE 9
  • YGE 8
  • YGE 7
  • YGE 6


"Great Yamaha programs. Group and private classes are available with experienced teachers. They also offer summer camp programs. I love how the kids are trained listening, singing, keyboarding, and reading notes in most of every class."

~ Mewah Susana

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